One-Eyed Monster Pendant

The One-Eyed Monster Art (OEM) Pendant is craftsmanship at its finest.

The OEM Pendant is an exact model of the original OEM Art Car. 1:7.5 scale. It is made from a zinc alloy with an antique silver finish. The piece weighs under 3 ounces/85 grams and measures 2″/51mm in height and 1.1″/28mm in diameter. The large base diameter is hollow and has a storage compartment measuring .7″/18mm in depth and .6″/15mm in diameter. It comes with two caps, one flush and one that extends and lifts the OEM Pendant about .08″/2mm from the surface. The compartment is sealed by a nitrile o-ring A011 dia. This ensures whatever you put in it is safe from the outside environment. In addition, the hidden compartment and end caps are coated with a protective barrier not to allow any metal or plating leeching. So they are safe for consumption goods.

It took just over six months to complete the final pendant. Designing and fabricating the pendant turned out to be very challenging. Finally, we got a functional pendant after 12 illustrations, 35 models, and 5 runs. The issue was the seal caps fitting them to the OEM main pendant piece. Ultimately, we had to make an insert that fits into the hidden compartment and then press in. This allowed the caps to work perfectly. But in the end, much was learned and will be applied to future pendant designs and fabrication.

Directions: The end caps are designed to align with the neck centerline. Looking at the neck piece, you will see a center line extending down to the pendant’s base. This line aligns with the notches for the placement of the end camp. Taking the end cap, align the cap slot to this line, press down, and turn about a ¼ of a turn. The end cap is now secure. To remove the end cap, turn the cap so it aligns to the neck center line, and it should release itself. Now and then, check the o-ring for wear and tear. The o-ring is a Nitrile O-Ring A011 and is easily purchased online.

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