The One-Eyed Monster Art Car

Background and OEM Meaning

The One-Eyed Monster Art Car (OEM) is a vision, as with the design and builder of Stone Larkin. His vision of the One-Eyed Monster is the male creative force seeking a place to plant, inseminate, and create. The One-Eyed Monster Car is a physical manifestation of this energy. One that has manifested itself on the playa since 2013, and with each passing year, this manifestation only grows stronger!

The One-Eyed Monster is awe-inspiring in size, with a soundtrack that harkens to destruction and a futuristic version of raw power. A terror of sorts! Or art to calm the soul, or a beat to Live, Love, and Dance! 

Yet, the design itself has a friendly, science fiction, cartoon-like feel. Despite its size, the toothless monster does not harm so much as a look, wandering in search of pleasure and expression. Most of the time, its only goal is to find a place to circle up with burners or humans and create a party, a family, and memories. And with each passing year, a new look and feel to bring new experiences to the playa. 

Burning Man, a place where so many seek an unfettered experience of their own animal nature, unabashed expression, and raw creativity, is the ideal place to bring the monster to its full glory – a huge emulation of what can be done! Here the One-Eyed Monster can roam freely and make encounters of splendor, friendships, and adventures. So never be intimated by its size and embrace the One-Eyed Monster as a friend!


In 2013 Stone Larkin came up with the basic design of the One-Eyed Monster Art Car. He took the idea from paper to metal and fabricated the One-Eyed Monster Art Car. In 2014, it had its first encounter with Burning Man.   Since then, the One-Eyed Monster Art Car has returned in 2016 and 2017. 

2017, the One-Eyed Monster found new masters of sorts.   It was moved to the Inland Empire, where the new masters learned to tame the beast and honored it by bringing it back to its full glory.   It was to attend BM 2018, but the transmission went out on the day of loading it onto the trailer for BM 2018. 

2019, the electrical system was upgraded to include a 2500-watt inverter, 400ah lithium battery bank, and a new DMX RGB LED lighting system. However, it was decided not to bring OEM to BM 2019 because of some paneling issues. 

2022, the One-Eyed Monster Art Car was pulled out from storage. An examination discovered the desert winds, heat, and the sun caused damage to the upper deck control panel, some of the wiring, tires, and lights. All were fixed! It was agreed upon to update the eye lens to allow a projection of sorts, interaction with OEM via video, solar charging system, and additional space to carry more victims.   Work is currently underway to make these improvements happen. April, the owners completed an application to bring the One-Eyed Monster Art Car back to BM 2022. May, we were invited… so stay tuned!



Joel B / Sgt Pepper – owner, upgrade designer, storage, and handler

Lofax – costume designer and handler

J-Mo – Website and handler

Mullet & Adrionah – masters and whip handlers

Ed & Karen – upkeeper and maintenance

Don Sullivan / Tigger – Burning Man playa handler and sound man

and a few others…

Stone Larkin – original artist, designer, and fabricator

Our elite masters are always looking for other masters to join our ranks. If you wish to become part of the One-Eyed Monster team, please send us a private message.