Burning Man 2012

Life is brought forth within the flames of our solar system, the universe, and the cosmos. That was the first thing that came to my mind when the theme was announced. Fire is everything; it is a destroyer but a maker. From the ashes, Fertility will go forth and life with it.

I wanted to capture fire, death, sex, rebirth, and life. This pendant went through about 20 illustrations before it. Then, I realized, Fertility can only be accomplished by the universe and through the spiritual side of your personality. With this, life becomes more stimulating… Fertility, a rebirth, a new beginning.

The final design included fire, birth, a rebirth, life, death, and a spiritual side for a new beginning. The inner Burning Man has a pinch point representing birth. The upper Man’s arms point upward to signify rejoicing – jubilation & festivity. The flame points represent a heated passion for spreading the love! 31 flame points represent Angel Number 31. They are there for you to be persuaded to explore the spiritual side of your personality, which will make life more stimulating. The pendant was stirred in a fire to give it a burnt look. The fire consisted of playa dust, coals from past burns, and some ashes of a dear friend who committed suicide earlier. On the left side of the pendant are flames, where a void represents entering, and on the right side, rebirth (head and arms outreached).

My aim was for the flame points to remind you life is just an adventure of what you make it. To raise your arms high in the air and become a new person, rejoice, to have numerous rebirths of new discoveries. Feel the burn and understand that we all come from ashes and make life the best we can!

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