10 BM Principles Pendant – 2021

My 10 Burning Man Principles Pendant inspired me to capture everything I know about becoming a Burner. This is achieved by starting from within and understanding who we are before we venture out to understand Burning Man.

Our city is unique as it’s built not by the people but with the talents and souls of the individual to a group and then to a community. This cycle of building a community involves a process similar to the Alpha and Omega; the beginning and the end. But how to capture this?

Alpha, the beginning. Life is an endless CIRCLE of experiences based on love, mistakes, and sharing. This circle is the core of the individual. With this circle, it forms our soul. Our soul is a complex process composed of our Minds, Emotions, Desires, and Will. This is represented by the four rectangles over the circle. With these four, it complete our spirit. A spirit that builds outward from the circle to connect with others. Basically, the confidence to do better. When this happens, we come together as an indefinite loop to further LIVE better, LOVE one another, and celebrate with a DANCE. Once this is achieved, the Burning Man is formed. Or, in other words, you have started your journey to become a burner!

When our circle or soul becomes more prominent, we start to embrace what Burning Man is about. We then look further and begin to master the Burning Man 10 Principles. Each principle requires a maturity process of sorts. This sort is now the basis of the city. Each principle will affect us differently. Some will master one or two and others three or four. Rarely does anyone go beyond five! This does not mean we ignore the rest, for this has never been the case. However, of all the burners I have met, they follow the 10 principles. Those who master principles each bring something different to themselves, their friends, their camps, and eventually the city. When this is achieved, a city is built like no other on this earth, and the 10 principles engulf everyone around. The pendant shapes the Omega.

But the journey does not end there. Sitting on my Overland, overlooking the BM city, I started to jot down what it all meant. Placing the pendant in the palm of my hand and looking at the void around the pendant is where I was able to complete my thoughts; The act of gifting is based on love and respect. With love and respect comes a community of one. And with a community of one, the world can change! To the dusty roads, to the unknowns, let the adventure of one begin. Sgt Pepper

Designed: April 2020. Manufactured: February 2021. 8 -18K Gold, 50 Gold Plated, 100 Silver Plated, & 200 Antique Plated.

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  1. Inspiring work! Where will you be on playa this year? I’d love to pick your brain about your process

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