ADDED: It was decided to open this up to all the Burner Groups. Please understand, we are capping this at 750 pendants. Pendant shipping will take a few months to get out. But we will do everything to get them out by December 15, 2023.

As many of you know, I had a camp that could not pick up their pendants for numerous reasons. I offered them up in this group, only to have delays with them releasing the art (which I designed). This went on for over a month! In the end, the pendants finally found a home.

Here is example of how the finish will look:

Now that I offered up to this group, I decided to run these when returning from Burning Man. Some changes, the back represents the man and the 10 BM principles. The pendant will be made from brass with an antique finish. It is just under 2” tall. The front of the pendant will be raised and the back, recessed. The thickness will be 0.09”. The detail on this pendant will be beyond exemplary. I am actually having the mold custom done by hand. The reason for this, as the pendant ages, the details will not rub away. Very similar to a coin.

To make up for the pendant fiasco to this group, we will be offering them at a donation of $10. There is no limitation on the quantity. We will be keeping this up until September 23. We will close the donation link and go into production at that time.

Additionally, we will be offering up 30 all silver pendants for a $100 donation.

So what does the donation cover? I will pay for the mold, materials, and time to build. All your donations will go toward the fire victims of Maui. Why Maui? I have two friends who live in Maui, and one lost their home. My friend Gary (who I have not heard from yet), made me a whalebone BM pendant. It is beautiful and one of my favorites. Gary has made other pendants for me over the years. Although he has never gone to BM, it is on his bucket list.

I intend for this group to give to the Burners of Maui (Hawaii) and let them know we care as a burner community! What they do with the donation money is up to them. But as it stands now, they are rebuilding from nothing. Many have lost their jobs because the business they worked for is gone. It is a terrible situation all around. It will take months, if not years, to rebuild.

So lets help out our fellow Burners!

Sgt Pepper

Brass Link $10 – Paypal (Limited to 750) + $5 S/H
Silver Link $100 – Paypal (Limited to 30) + $5 S/H